Wilder has spent two years locked away inside the psychiatric hospital in Sucre (Bolivia) suffering from schizophrenia. As he is starting to recover he gets the opportunity to live on a farm close to the hospital with a small group of other young patients. Wilder takes lessons in a welding school and when receives his degree, he gets support from the hospital to open his own welding workshop.

He makes an agreement with the doctors to teach other patients to weld as part of their occupational therapy. The hospital offers him a big empty room and plenty of metallic garbage. Together with his first students, Wilder uses the scrap to build tables, chairs and shelves to set up the workshop.

Wilders students are very motivated by the opportunity to one day have a job again. Most of them, abandoned by their families, fear that they will never be able to get out of the hospital.

Looking for customers to sell their products to turns out to be very hard. Wilder realizes the stigma when people around him discover that he is a patient of the hospital. As he finally gets a couple of contracting jobs he starts chewing coca leaves in order to work longer hours in the workshop. His schizophrenia worsens, Wilder decides to go back to the hospital to get help. It takes a few weeks until he feels better and returns to the farm. When he comes back to the workshop, he discovers that all their tools have been stolen.
Disappointed, Wilder decides to travel to visit his family in Santa Cruz. His sister took him to the hospital two years ago in the middle of a psychotic crisis. Since then his family never talked about what happened. Wilder shares his experiences in Sucre so that his family can understand what he has been through and finally obtains enough confidence to keep on fighting for his dreams.